UK Visitor Visa/ Tourist Visa

If you are a foreign national and you wish to spend some time in the UK as a tourist or to visit your family and your friends, you can apply for a Visitor Visa.


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Visitor Visa UK

If you’re looking to make a short term stay in the UK, then the standard visitor visa (UK) is likely the visa you’ll need to apply for. Visitor visas in the UK allow you to travel for short term stays of up to six months and can be used for leisure and business, among other reasons.


The visitor visa can act as a short term business visa, a tourist visa for UK holidays, an academic visit visa, and much more. If you’re coming to the UK for travel, tourism, leisure, short term business needs, or for private medical treatment, then the standard visit visa (UK) will give you permission to come to the UK to do so.



What Is The UK Standard Visitor Visa And Who Is It For?

  • Leisure – Are you a non-EEA national looking for a holiday visa? UK visas for international travellers can sometimes become confusing, but the standard visiting visa to UK territories will cover you for up to six months for any leisure purposes. Whether coming for a family visit, sightseeing, or general travel, your needs fall under the standard visa because it functions as a UK general visitor visa and UK tourist visa. To UK holidayers from non-EEA regions, the standard visitor visa is the path to take.
  • Business – If you need to enter the UK for short term business requirements such as conferences, events or business appointments, then the general visitor visa UK will allow you to travel to the UK to conduct your business here for a period of up to six months.
  • Other reason – The standard visitor visa can also allow you to travel to the UK if you are receiving private medical treatment, for instance.



If you’re not a citizen of either an EEA country or Switzerland, you may well need to go through the online application form process on the website in order to get a standard visa. UK visa eligibility can be confusing , however, and there are exceptions.


If you’re not sure whether you need the visitor visa for UK travel, we always recommend using the Home Office website to check.


What Documentation Do I Need To Prove My Eligibility For The Visitor Visa?

To prove your eligibility for the UK visitor visa, it’s important to provide the Home Office with evidence of the general requirements for eligibility as part of your UK visit visa requirements and application.


As a non-EEA visa national, you’ll need to prove that:


It’s one thing knowing what you need to prove, but it’s another thing understanding how to do so. Immigration rules are strict and the Home Office refuses a lot of visas on the basis of a lack of supporting evidence. Here at NWL, it’s our job to support you in understanding what you need to do to submit a successful application and how to go about it. Visit visa requirements for UK travel can be confusing, but we’re always on hand to provide guidance and assistance when you need it.


To have your visa approved, you’ll need to give details about your current and previous passport numbers or an alternative valid travel identification. Remember, however, that any documentation needs to be accompanied with a certified translation if it isn’t in English or Welsh. Additional documents you might need to provide includes:

The list continues, and the truth is that there’s no limit to the amount of supporting evidence that can help prove your eligibility and support your case. If you feel a little overwhelmed and want some support in putting your application together, get in touch with the team here at NWL.


Our immigration lawyers are well-experienced and fully-qualified – no one is better placed to help guide you to visa approval.