Application for EEA Permanent Residence

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What is the Application for Permanent Residence (PR) Process?

An application for EEA Permanent Residence can be made if you are an EU citizen residing in the UK.  Permanent Residence is a status granted to EEA citizens under European law which allows them to live and work in the UK, permanently. It is different to Indefinite Leave to Remain, which is granted to citizens who are subject to UK immigration law.

An EEA application for Permanent Residence can be submitted once you have spent five years’ continuous residence in the UK. You will also need to show that you have been exercising your Treaty Rights for those five years. You have been exercising your rights if you have working or studying during your stay.

There are other requirements related to how you have been spending your time in the UK, such as health insurance for students at UK universities.

How can NWL help?

Our team of dedicated lawyers can answer all the questions you have on your application for EEA Permanent Residence.

We can help you find out if you are eligible to apply, help prepare your documents and advise you on your best options after Brexit.

Our services include liaising with the Home Office and completing your application form to the highest standard. One of our lawyers will also prepare a personalised Letter of Representation to accompany your application. This outlines your case and references relevant UK immigration laws which help to support your application.